Live streaming services for funerals & weddings – Leicester

Live Streaming Services Leicester

We are a Leicester-based company that provides discreet live streaming services for various events in and around the area. Our service allows your friends and family to watch your event unfold in real-time through a private and unique webpage. They can also leave personal messages on the guestbook from anywhere in the world. 

We have established direct collaborations with Leicester’s funeral directors, wedding planners, and families, ensuring seamless integration of our live streaming services into a variety of events. Leicester benefits from excellent 4G and 5G data coverage, particularly through Vodafone and Three networks. To guarantee optimal performance, we maintain data networks for all major networks, ensuring a consistently high success rate for live streaming events in Leicester.

Our commitment to an unobtrusive approach during live streaming sets us apart. We understand the importance of preserving the solemnity of events such as funerals while still providing a valuable connection for those unable to attend physically.

Offering competitive pricing, our services in Leicester start from just £250. This affordability ensures that individuals and families can access our cutting-edge technology without compromising on quality. Choose our Leicester-based live streaming services to make your event inclusive, interactive, and unforgettable for everyone involved.

Live streaming Leicester
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